2019 Fleur de Lis Fling Refund Policy:


  1. Prior to November 1st, Louisville Country Dancers will offer a refund of your registration less a $10 handling fee if requested in writing to the Registrar or by e-mail to FleurRegistrar@gmail.com.

  2. You may also transfer  your full weekend registration to  someone else’s name by notifying the registrar in writing or by e-mail at FleurRegistrar@gmail.com.

  3. Discounted [Under 30] registrations can be transferred and upgraded to a 30+ registration or weekend subscription by paying the difference in price.

  4. Brunch admissions are fully refundable prior to November 1st. 

  5. Brunch admissions are fully transferable any time prior to the event. Notify registrar ASAP!


rev. 190506