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2019 Subscription Option Info


A weekend subscription includes 5 separate tickets; one each for:


  • Friday night,

  • Saturday day [BEFORE 6 p.m.],

  • Saturday evening [AFTER 6 p.m.]

  • Sunday waltzing, and workshops

  • Sunday afternoon Farewell Contra.


The 2019 subscription is available for an additional surcharge of $5 more than a full priced weekend registration [$90 total]. The subscription option is NOT available for the discounted Under-30 weekend tickets.

Weekend subscribers can sell or give away any or all of their separate session tickets to anyone they choose. Louisville Country Dancers will not establish pricing for separate session tickets.

Individual session tickets are redeemable at the registration table for an admission good for that particular session only. 


Subscribers or individuals wanting to sell, give away or find tickets for individual sessions can post “Tickets Available” or “Tickets Wanted” notices on the Fleur de Lis Fling Facebook event page along with their contact information. Please do not post or negotiate prices on our event page.


The subscription option may be added to previously purchased
full weekend registrations until November 1st for a fee of $5.


PLEASE NOTE: The Sunday morning Brunch is optional and is not included in either the subscription

or the regular weekend registration. The optional Sunday morning brunch [i.e., the food] is open to anyone for $12. The menu will be posted on this website.


Reservations for the Sunday morning brunch are also due by November 1st.


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