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~ Introducing !

Stomp Rocket caricature.jpg

Stomp Rocket


Making will be their first trip to the Heartland for Fleur de Lis Fling 2019!

Stomp Rocket is a New England based band with Dave Langford [Latter Day Lizards & Supertrad] on fiddle, Glen Loper [Riptide] on mandolin, and Bethany Waickman [Anadama] on DADGAD guitar and sometimes piano.

David Millstone turned us onto Stomp Rocket after he teamed up with them in Alaska last year and said they set the place on fire [O.K. well almost].

Their Facebook page says, "Beacoup de stomping pour le contra danse!" I think that is French for, there's gonna' be a hot time in The Old Ville for Fleur de Lis Fling 2019! 

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